i am not sure that i have cushings yet, as i have just made my first appointment to discuss this with my dr.

I first noticed a small hump on my back about a year ago, but just assumed it was poor posture. (yes, i tend to slouch a lot).But, i have been gaining weight steadily, despite weight watchers, low carb diets, trying to exercise regularly (difficult when you are so tired you can hardly get off the couch) (i assumed this was due to depression). i’ve gained about 40 pounds over the past  year. I realize this doesnt sound like a lot , when some people with this disease gain that in a couple of months, but ive always been able to lose really easily.

I dont have stretch marks either, but i have so many other side effects listed (the buffalo hump it seems distinguishes this from a lot of other things. im really scared that ill have this disease, but on the other hand, at least i’d know what is happening to me. I just cant get a hold on my own body. its so awful.

I dont know who to ask, but is there any other disease that has similar symptoms AND a hump?