Sushmita Sen’s battle with Addison’s disease

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It was in 2014 when the actress left her fans shocked when she revealed that she was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Talking about her condition, Sushmita said that the years she battled Addison’s disease “were pretty traumatising”. After fighting for 4 long years with the chronic condition, the actress healed and emerged stronger by exercising daily.

Addison’s disease is a disorder in which the adrenal glands don’t produce enough hormones. The gland present just above the kidneys starts producing too little cortisol and too little aldosterone. The condition can affect people of all age groups and sexes. The symptoms of the disease develop slowly but can be life-threatening if not treated on time. Extreme fatigue, weight loss, darkening skin, low blood pressure, salt craving are some of the signs of Addison’s disease. Treatment of the condition involves taking hormones to make up for the missing ones. The disease is caused when the adrenal glands are damaged, affecting the production of cortisol and aldosterone hormones.

Post recovery, the 46-year-old actress shared that meditating with nunchaku helped to fight the disease and helped in the healing process. “I healed in time, my adrenal glands woke up, no more steroids, no withdrawals and no auto-immune condition as of 2019,” she had shared. Even after that, Sushmita kept on with her extensive workout to stay fit and healthy. From time to time the actress shares a glimpse of her workout routine which includes yoga, meditation, callisthenics and bodyweight workout.

Adapted from https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/health-news/sushmita-sens-battle-with-addisons-disease-and-the-workout-that-helped-her-emerge-stronger/photostory/87988141.cms

Alicia (Alicia), PCOS Bio

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Hi everyone,

I’m Alicia and I’m 18. I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS but it does not explain all of my symptoms. I used to be super athletic and played 3 sports. I got my period at 13 and it was regular. However, I started losing my periods.

At first they would come every few months but have since stopped completely. I have lost a lot of weight, especially muscle. I had to stop playing soccer because my leg muscles were giving out. At the same time I got very bad acne and started sweating through all my clothes. My hair started falling out of my head. I ordered rogaine at age 15 because the bald spots on my head were so embarrassing.

I’ve been on 3 different acne medications and accutane. I have been working since I was 14 but I can no longer stand through my shifts even though I am only working 5 hours at a time. I feel like absolute crap and the worst part is I’m so weak. And my appearance has changed a lot. My face is round, red, and my eyelids are swollen. I don’t recognize myself and can’t stand to look in the mirror. My arms and legs are sticks and I can’t gain muscle no matter what I try. I get sick all the time, I’ve had strep twice, oral yeast infections, UTIS in the past couple months.

I went to an endocrinologist about a year ago who tested for a bunch of common hormone problems. All of my adrenal hormones were high. Testosterone, DHEA, androstenedione, and aldosterone. However, my cortisol levels were never tested. I was told I have PCOS but there were no cysts on my ovaries.

I found a new endocrinologist who mentioned testing my cortisol levels, but later decided not to because I am underweight and cushing’s usually causes weight gain. To me, it seems like I could have the atypical kind, which causes asthenia instead of weight gain.

Let me know if anyone has suggestions on what to do now, I would really appreciate it. I am still in high school and I’m genuinely worried for my future if I can’t figure this out.

Peace and Love,

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David T (Wombat), Adrenal Bio

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adrenal-locationHi, I have been diagnosed with probable cyclical adrenal cushings. This all started after a scan on my abdomen for something unrelated revealed bilateral adrenal adenomas. When I googled adrenal adenoma everything fitted into place. I had been depressed , put weight on which were my main symptoms along with anxiety.

I was then referred to an endocrinologist in the UK who ordered some initial tests. I did Two 24hr UFC’s on consecutive days one came back at 36 and the one the day after was 91(normal below 50. Another time the normal range was 165 and the 1st one was 108 and the one the day after was 393.

I then did an overnight dexamethasone test and suppressed below 50 to 48. My endocrinologist then said he didn’t think I had cushings and said come back in six months and said it might be due to stress. I then got a second opinion and then the real testing started.

Roll forward four years and I have done about 30 – 24hr UFC’s numerous ACTH and full blood counts. renin and aldersterone, metoclopramide test, glucagon test, vassopression test, oral glucose stimultation test, day curve cortisol, spent a day in hospital walking round the ward for two hours, then eating a mixed meal and then sitting down for two hours while they tested my cortisol every hour . Did a Low Dose Dexamethasone Test and came out in a rash and my blood pressure dropped so got told I can’t do the test again. Had a bone density scan. I hIad a pituitary scan that revealed a lump inside my tongue and then had to have a whole body scan followed by a tongue biopsy(which turned out to be benign.

I have had about five CT scans on my adrenal glands and was referred to an endocrine surgeon this week who is going to perform a right adrenalectomy. The right one is 4cm in diameter.

He said looking at the scan he thinks it looks like macro nodular adrenal hyperplasia but wont know till pathology get to examine the specimen.

It’s been a long, long journey but finally looks like it’s coming to a conclusion now.

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Sue, Undiagnosed Bio

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A Golden Oldie

Hello – My name is Sue and I’m 42 years old.  Before Friday, 10/15/10, I had never heard of Cushing’s.  I went in for a physical and had routine blood work done (fasting) and then went in the next day for a cortisol and aldosterone test.

This was a new doctor who didn’t know my history… she noticed my ::blush:: beard, red puffy face, and central obesity and then started asking me some questions.  I stll had no idea why this many questions.  She said that she wanted to get an abdominal ultrasound and wanted me to seen an endocronologist.  Ummmm…. ok… still had no clue. After my cortisol came back at 23, she called me back in and explained that she wanted to get a CAT scan of my abdomen.  I asked her what this was all about, and she said that she thinks that I have Cushing’s.

I have been on blood pressure medication since 1998, and my ‘normal’ bp is 135/90.  At my physical it was 155/100, another warning sign… she doubled my meds and had me come in the next day.  BP was better 145/90, but was still high… so she prescribed an additional medication.

I don’t want to make this too lengthy, but I have several other symptoms too…  I am currently disabled due to depression/anxiety, and I have even gone through ECT treatment twice for it.  I take meds for depression, anxiety, sleep and psychosis.  I have to take a potassium pill every morning to maintain a healthy level and some mornings I can’t even move for a while due to joint pain.  Hot flashes and night sweats are not frequent, and I thought I was going through the beginning of menopause.  At times I would have sweat dripping off of my forehead.  If someone would look at a picture of me and see if maybe I resemble a Cushie??  I am waiting for the appointments, but the more I read about it, the more it sounds like me.  Thank you.

Sue also submitted a second version of her bio:

Hi!  My name is Sue, I am 42 and I live in Central Massachusetts.  During my physical with a new doctor, my blood pressure was found to be high, even though I have been on Hypertensive meds since 1998.  She doubled my dose, and it was still high.  She then put me on an additional medication, and that took it down a little bit. She then noticed my razor stubble on my neck and chin and asked about that.  Prior blood work showed that my cardiac inflammation was 5X’s the “high” limit (2 years ago) and the doctor at the time told me to take 1 adult dose asparin a day.  I had severely low potassium and she told me to take a supplement.  I am 5’5″ and weigh 224 pounds an it’s literally ALL in my stomach and cest and back.  My face is all puffed out and red and splotchy.  I suffer from sleep apnea and I lose my breath if I lay down flat on my back.  I thought I was having hot flashes, because I have been having night sweats and during the day I sometimes get so flush and hot that the sweat literally drips onto the table.  I have rosacea and I flush easily.  I am disabled due to depression/anxiety/psychosis and I have even undergone ECT treatment for it (electroconvulsive therapy-shock treatment)

I was reading some of the bios and started to cry…  I could see me in so many of the stories and pictures.  Could it be possible that all of my issues are related to this disease that I had never even heard of before?  I do not want to be sick, but if it is Cushing’s that I have, I will have hope that I haven’t let myself go. 🙂  You all seem to be very loving and supporting.  Thank you for being here.

There are other symptoms I have, but these are the most bothersome.  My blood cortisol level came in at 22 and my aldosterone was high also.  I am waiting for an appointment for an abdominal CAT scan and a referral to an endochronologist.

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