I’m married to my best friend who’s health has steadily declined for around 15 years.  High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, weigt gain, mood change are part of the decline.

He had a pituitary tumor removed in May 2012 after a diagnosis of Cushings.  We know that he still has an adrenal tumor that the endocrinologist thinks was fed by the pituitary tumor.

My husband, my best friend, thinks they have ruined him forever.  He feels worse than ever before.  The doctors say it may take up to a year, that this has been coming on for a long time.  His blood pressure is now controlled and he has gone from 12 blood pressure pills a day down to 2 1/2 pills per day.  Other that that, he has a poor quality of life with no energy, no happiness.

I wish I knew more and could help and support him better.  I am the fixer in our life, our family, our business that we have worked in together for 10 years and I’m so sad for him.