Hello all,

I’ve been looking at this board for a little while as my 17 year old daughter developed a buffalo hump last November. She’s not overweight at all but does carry a lot more weight than the rest of our family around her middle and chest. She’s a different build entirely. Her arms, legs and hips are relatively skinny in comparison to her mid section, though she does have very long legs so perhaps that’s natural too.  She’s tried to tone up but the weight does not come off easily.

The hump looks weird! It sticks out a lot. Her neck used to be flat/straight down. I’ve looked at old photos to compare.

I have 3 other children, a 21 year old son who recently discovered he has fused cervical vertebrae in his neck which has been the source of his pain for the past few years (there since birth apparently), a 14 year old daughter who is healthy and a 12 year old son who was diagnosed with Leukaemia last August (he’s doing very well)

My daughter’s been referred to a plastic surgeon for hump removal since it causes her pain and looks ugly. At first we were told it was a lipoma, nothing to worry about, but the plastic surgeon wanted to check with a senior doctor since it was not just a lipoma but a buffalo hump. I’m waiting for an appointment to hear the outcome of her enquiry to the senior doctor but I spoke to her secretary the other day and apparently they are not worried about it. An MRI has shown that it is indeed a fatty lump.

She’s had no blood tests or any tests at all. She does not take any kind of steroid medication.

Her symptoms are:

the hump

daily headaches

severe anxiety

occasional exhaustion

occasional throbbing/aching in or around the hump

weight gain around her stomach/chest


She does not have:

thinning skin

stretch marks

excessive thirst

excessive hairyness


I’m worried since two of my other children have recently been diagnosed with quite rare conditions. Normally I would say the chances are that it’s a fattty lump that just happened to appear there, liposuction it off, job done. However the odds have not been in my favour this past year! What if she does have a tumour somewhere? that’s my worry and things are moving too slowly for my liking. Next appt with plastic surgeon is 24th April.

I will post some photos of her and maybe some of you can tell me what you think. I can’t see any fat pads at the front but I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for.

I’ve made an appt with my GP for 21st March to ask him to refer her for tests.

Thanks for reading my bio!