Hi, my name is Shannon.  I’ve had years of frustration with symptoms that go unexplaiined.

I read about Cushing’s today while trying to seek out explainations for the 9 years of issues I’ve had.  This includes multiple trips in an ambulance to the ER with elevated blood pressure, heart rate, and SEVER PANIC ATTACKS.  Mine do not last 10 minutes, they can go on for hours if Im not given Ativan.

Also, in the past couple years I wake up out of dead sleep with a sudden panic and jolt.  My heart feels its going a million miles a minute.  Sometimes it goes away after a few minutes, but a couple times its lasted longer.  Also, people accuse me of pregnancy even though I am not pregnant and I carry weight around my midsection.

I have a round face, and I do have a hump on the back of my neck.  I experience mood swings, and depression.  The repeated attacks that I have with panic, is wearing on me and my emotional aspect of knowing I look pregnant despite diet and exercise is very exhausing.

If anyone has any thoughts or answers, please help.  Oh…I have these episodes of panic daily…Ive had thousands of them.