Diagnosed with Cushings while in the Navy, in pursuit of Navy SEAL.

– Had the drill through the face surgery.

– Skipped most pain killers

– refused convalescent leave

– 1  month after rode first 400 mile bike ride (sucked)

– 2 months after, rode second 400 mile bike ride (better)

– 3 months after, raced first triathlon (sucked)

– raced a few more triathlons and 300-400 bike rides

– began racing bicycles

– refused medical retirement from the navy

– Raced RAAM, a 3000 mile 8 day bike race (sucked, and awesome, depends how you look at it)

– Was found fit for full duty

– Was granted a full dive physical for Spec Ops

– Trained with the SEALs for 6 months

– Was awarded a SEAL contract (but was not allowed to go due to Navy politics, such is life)

– Currently play D1 Rugby

– Active member and chapter captain (soon to be) of Team Red White and Blue, a wounded warrior support/awareness group

– Still going strong and always looking for the next challenge.

Destituts Ventis Remus Adhibe (sign I put up in my hospital room during the whole Cushings adventure, means: If the Wind fails to serve, take to the Oars).

–  Ive been there, Ive done it.  Its all a matter of staring down the nightmare and showing more determination and resolve than it has.  Cushings is a wimp.  Ok yeah it sucked, but I owned it.

Seriously though, all joking aside, if there is anything I can say or do for anyone going through it all, let me know.

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