I am a 37 (almost 38) year old wife and mother to three great kids.

I don’t know if I am in the right place here or not, but I’ve been dealing with health issues over the last few years that are getting progressively worse – and yet, my labs all keep coming back normal and so I keep getting brushed off and pushed from doctor to doctor, lab to lab, and never any answers. I’ve started to think that maybe I’m just crazy….maybe I really am a hypochondriac. I really don’t wan’t to think that, and truly – deep down, I know that is not the case, but the alternative is very scary…knowing something is wrong and the doctors can’t find answers, is flat out a very scary place to be.

I stumbled upon this website by accident and started reading around and literally had tears flowing down my face because for the first time, there seemed to be people (although complete strangers) out there that was experiencing the exact same things that I am going through.

My hope is that I can make some connections and get some support on here, hopefully with some advice and ideas on how I can start to feel better again.

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