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Hi everyone,

I am undiagnosed currently but been having Cushing’s symptoms now over 3 years.

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Annette S (Annette), Undiagnosed Bio




43 yr old female- trying to get diagnosed
I have about 41 out of 42 Cushing Symptoms
Have been diagnosed as insulin resistant and as of recent was told I am not insulin resistant
Have had one Dex Suppression test – negative and 2 – 24 hour urine negative
I am at a complete loss- Can I have Cushing’s and these test come back negative?


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Donna (DD), Undiagnosed Bio

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I don’t know if I have Cushings…I have a lot of the symptoms.

My endo dr suggested I have Fibromyalgia. My mother has had that for 25 years.

I know something is wrong. I can’t lose weight! The neck fat is driving me CRAZY, this isn’t me…something is wrong! It’s affecting my entire life!


Donna submitted a second bio:

Hello all….I’m a newbie and don’t know if I have Cushings? I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & that’s no picnic. However, I did read somewhere that Drs diagnose Fibro when someone could actually have Cushings? Since it is rare & hard to diagnose.

I’ve had only two 24HR urine tests which come out normal. I honestly believe I have cushings..my body has changed very quickly over the last few years. I know something is wrong with me & I believe it goes beyond fibromyalgia. My GP is awesome & he believes me! I’ve been treated for so many things that all relate to Fibro or cushings.

I’m anxious to read the blogs and hoping I might find some more answers.


Hello everyone! I’m a newbie trying to figure out what’s wrong with me? As of now I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have a lot of pain in my upper body, mostly the shoulder & neck area. I also had pain on the back of my neck that seemed to look like a hump. Then the extra fat in my neck showed up & fat pad in my clavicle area.

My stomach started getting bigger without any change to my diet. I have had MAJOR fatigue…sometimes sleeping 19 to 22 hrs at one time without getting up. One time I slept 36 hrs straight but had been very stressed prior to that.

Stress has been a MAJOR factor in my life for the last 5 years. I’ve had stomach issues during this time & still do. I’ve had upper & lower GI scopes.

I have IBS with constipation which has been a big problem with my bloating. I’ve been to an Endocrinologist & have had blood work & 2-24HR urine cortisol tests & all have been negative.

I honestly think I have cushings! My GP is awesome & he believes something is wrong & knows I have been struggling with my health for years!

I WONT give up!

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Shawnna H (Shawnna), Undiagnosed Bio

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I am a 37 year old woman, who has been exhibiting most of the symptoms of Cushing’s for a least 7  years.

My family doctor treated each of my symptoms individually or told me I just needed to lose weight.,  It wasn’t  until recently ( when i was diagnosed wth diabetes type 2, an underactive thyroid, high blood pressure, and kidney distress) that i insisted he look into my endocrine system.

It didn’t seem plausible that all that would occur and my endo system to be ok.  I also have been diagnosed with severe depression and severe generalized anxiety disorder.

I have completed the UFC test and was told my cortisol levels are extremely high.  I am currently awaiting an appointment with an endo in my area and am positive Cushings will be detected. In the mean time I am just looking to meet other people with the same issues I am having.

I was referred her from facebook. Thank you!

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Judy, Pituitary Bio

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Another Golden Oldie

Doctor says I do have Cushings, but just still looking for the originating site.  Cortisol level twice the upper limit of normal.

Had symptoms for YEARS, but no one pulled it all together until this summer I had TWO Spontaneous foot fractures.  Had houseguests at the time, both German doctors.  The husband handed me a list of tests before he returned to Germany and said “I think you have Cushings, have your doctor run these tests”.

Saliva test positive, 24 hr urine positive, MRI showed small tumor.  Endocrinologist says that the jury is still out – 20% of population has pituitary tumor with no problems.  Had the dex test last week.  Sounds like everyone has the same feelings as I do – please find something and let me put my life back together.  My body is disintegrating!

For those of you who have been through this and had surgery, how do they regulate your hormones after the surgery.  Were you able to back to work right away?  How quickly did you lose the extra weight.  (I have gained 40 lbs in the last year).  Please help!

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