Actor Chevy Chase’s shocking weight gain at the “SNL” 40th anniversary celebration has fans worried over his health. Chase, who has gained a significant amount of weight since 2013, may be taking steroids to cope with health issues.

Stephen Lovekin, Ilya S. Savenok, Frazer Harrison, Larry Busacca/Getty Images

“I am alarmed at what I saw last night,” plastic surgeon Dr. Ashakan Ghavami told Radar Feb. 16. “I doubt it was just weight gain. His appearance could possibly be due to steroid administration. This can come from autoimmune diseases or certain types of cancer. But it is unlikely purely weight gain.”

Dr. Ghavami, who has not treated Chase, said steroids and certain medications can cause bloating of the kind apparent in Chase’s puffy face. “There seems to be a buffalo hump on the back of Chevy’s neck and it is ‘cushingoid’ on his face,” said Ghavami.

Chevy May Have Cushing Syndrome

Cushing syndrome is a condition associated with prolonged exposure to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol caused by the long-term use of steroid medication. Symptoms of Cushing syndrome include obesity, a rounded face, increased fat around the neck, and fatigue.

Chase, 71, is significantly heavier than he was in 2013, when the 6-foot-4 comedian was lean and trim. Chevy’s dramatic weight gain caused Twitter to explode on Feb. 15 during the “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary TV special. As Chase was being interviewed on the “SNL 40” red carpet, fans tweeted their concern.

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