I was mid-diagnosed for about 5 years. Doctors that I had gone to for decades would prescribe me diet pills, told “brisk walking” (even though I walked about 12,000 steps every day at work), I was told to “put down the fork “… finally I was to meet a new doctor- the very first time I met her- she figured it out!

Then came blood tests and mri.

My neurosurgeon appointment was set for Nov. then I got a call that it would be October…. It was the end of September. Yay!! I was so happy someone figured it out!

First surgery didn’t get it all so it was done again. Veins were failing but I finally got to go home. 5 days later I was readmitted for my sodium levels being too low…. I told them my nose kept running- surgery #3- cerebral membrane leak- iv in my foot and a port installed…. and the spinal tap.

Again I got to go home. Was out of work for 11 mos. I was sooo tired. Went from 264 at original surgery to 109. That was in 15.

In the last 9 months I’ve been in the icu twice for adrenal crisis…. Nothing is getting better.

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