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Hi I’m Becky a 34 year old wife, mother of twins and teacher.

I’m having surgery to remove a pituitary tumor this week and am told it will really help to alleviate the Cushings symptoms I’ve had for years!!  I wish I had had this diagnosis sooner but I know I’m lucky to have it now as I had planned on bariatric surgery as my last hope.

The opening in a GE Signa MRI machine

The opening in a GE Signa MRI machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the headaches became too much to handle and my face went numb I was given an MRI and now I know the truth.

I’m new to this, scared yet hopeful.  I’m determined to get control over this but still, this is hard for me.

Rebecca D (RebeccaD), Pituitary Bio

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Hi all!

I am a 24 year old little miss you was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease in Spring 2010.

I did a ton of tests, including pretosal sinus sampling and MRI’s, and although images and direct location of the tumor were not possible, my doctors were able to confirm a pituitary origin for my cushings.

I had my first transphenoidal surgery in June 2011 and was finally off replacement cortisol by mid november 2011.

In august, as I began to tapper off my medications, I was FINALLY able to loose some weight, loosing 30lbs between August and December.

I stopped losing weight and began another downfall in my stupids between february 2012 until april, at which time my monitoring tests showed my cortisol levels to be again up around the same levels pre-surgery 🙁 so sadly I’m looking again into what my life entails with this Cushing’s having resurfaced 🙁

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