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MaryO, Pituitary Bio


Adapted from Participatory Medicine This is kind of a “cheat” post since it’s a compilation of other posts, web pages, message board posts and some original thoughts. I’m writing it to submit to Robin’s Grand Rounds, hosted on her blog. For all of my early life, I was the good, compliant, patient. I took whatever pills the […]

Kandis, Pituitary Bio

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  Last Updated December 6, 2008 My diagnosis was Pituitary Cushing’s Disease. Had transphenoidal that did not work and ended up having a bilateral adrenalectomy. Here is a link to my website that has my story and several pictures. I welcome any questions/comments/conversations! Update November 7, 2007 I just want to update my bio to […]

Wendy, Pituitary Bio

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  I was diagnosed in April 2016 with Cushing Disease caused by a pituitarty adenoma. I believe I have struggled with these syptoms for over a decade. I had a goiter removed from my thyroid in 1997 and have had numours biopsys on other nodules on my thyriod over the years. Fortunately, I changed doctors […]

Neale O (NealeO), Pituitary Bio


  I was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in September of 2015. I used to be skinny. I was 160 lbs dripping wet. I had a thin face and exercised regularly. In fact, up until 2 years ago, I was doing CrossFit every morning at 5AM, and was pretty good at it! I guess about 5-6 […]