Hello, my name is Inbar & I’m from Israel.

First of all I want to apologize my poor English, It’s only what I have learned through high school. Second I’m thrilled & exited finding other people who are facing the Cushing syndrome difficulties, fears & symptoms.

In my small country I wasn’t able to find any other forum I could share with.

Since the Cushing disease is more common, there is an association for those who have it. After speaking to one of there representatives I was disappointed to find out that the physical, mental, emotional and psychological difficulties are not the same & unfortunately they could not help me in any way.

I had a 5 cm tumor on my left adrenal which was removed 8 mounts ago.

I have carried this illness for at least 5 years facing all of the symptoms.

Since January I’m seeing a psychiatrist & taking all kinds psychiatric pills.

Yesterday I started seeing also a psychologist & came out very disappointed, since my problem is chemistry, psychological treatment won’t help.

I would be thankful for any self experience from any one.  I’m very close to having a breakdown.

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