Lou – age 33 – British

Self diagnosed after 6 years of cushings & UK doctors who dismissed me as depressed & unluckily unhealthy.

pituitary-location12mm macroadenoma & pituitary gland completely removed in London National Neuro Hospital in Jan 2012. Still going through rehabilitation from cushings & surgery damage.

Finally on complete hormone replacement 20 months later (6/7 drugs) had to fight for some (some legitimate & some ludicrous reasons), still facing uninformed doctors & so called ‘specialists’ every week, who misdiagnose conditions or make wrong assumptions, so am now well studied in general medicine & endocrinology myself, particularly with the post illness complications & resulting conditions from cushings damage & pituitary loss. This helps keep an eye on things albeit tiring studying while sick.

Happy to get involved when asked, or answer any personal questions at lousencier@me.com

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