I am a 45 yr old female

pituitary-glandI was dignosed with Cushing’s in April 2013 i had surgery in June 2013 to remove a tumor on my pituitary gland.

I have had some ups and downs with joint and muscle pains and emotional issues.After my 8 week check up they decreased my meds down but my levels were not normal at that time yet.   I just recently had my blood checked again and my levels were really high in the normal range so they advised me that I could stop taking my meds all together which they say is a great thing.

I had been having some of the same issues and symptoms as when i first went to doctor that  started coming up this is why i asked for blood test in first place and they are stating with meds and my own levels i am once again overproducing makes sense.  However i am not feeling well at all severe muscle pains in knees and feel like i need a crane to get out of bed from being so stiff everyday.

I feel like i am once again an emotional wreck and have issues and nobobdy seem to understand this terrible disease and what it does to your body and one’s self.  I have been married 23 yrs and have 2 beautiful daughters.

I gained over 45 pounds with all this I am down about 20 so far still have a ways to go for sure.

I really  need some support with dealing with all this they say about 6-18 months to truly recover from this and feel so alone sometimes.

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