A Golden Oldie

pituitary-surgeryI was officially diagnosed with Cushings in December 2009. I had done several urine test ,they were inconsistant, I had the saliva test done, I had symptoms of cushings, brittle bones, fractures, fatigue, brusing, round face, weight gain quickly and hard to lose, lose focus, depression and arthritis beginning in my hands. IN December 09 I had a Dex. test done which quickly confirmed that I had cushings.

It took three years to get a diagnosis. So, I had surgery scheduled for Feb 2, 2010. I had a Cyst that ruptured so that was important to come out the surgeon removed 20 % of my pitutary, but didn’t get the tumor.

A few weeks after that surgery I have massive bleeding out my nose and mouth, and was in out of the emergency room for a week having my nose packed four times. After a month and going back to my Endo.  My endo. told me there was still a mass on my pitutary. I didn’t feel better I ached all over by the time I got home from work I was done for and could only go to bed.

In aug. 2010 I had the second surgery. the plan was to remove the mass on the left side of my pitutary if my cortisol level did not go down the day after surgery the surgeon would take me back in to remove the right side of my pitutary. Thank goodness after the blood work my cortosol was .6 so there was no need for a second surgery ( or third) I am now 4 month post surgery.

I am now taking 30 mg of hydrocortosol a day. My joints ache, I get fatigued around 1:00 and lose focus. I get very depressed some days and can do nothing. I am 46 years old and have a 19 year old son and 15 year old daughter, My husband is very supportive.

I feel so guilty for having this, people don’t understand how horrible I feel some days, just because the tumor is gone doesn’t mean I feel better. Not losing much weight yet which is frustrating. but exercising when I can.

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