A Golden Oldie

What can I say in this bio?

Well,  I started to get sicker and gained a lot of weight of age 7 years old. in the mean while, this concerned my parents.Another issues started to occure which happen to be I got sick one night and went to the hospital, and they dianoised me with diabetes.

From the time I was 10 years old through my teenage years. My parents tried to get me on a eating right plan, but they realized I still could not loose the weight, and I still was sick. My parents decided to dump the endro I had, and find a doctor. This doctor happen to be one of the best doctors because he told my parents she looks like she has cushings.

Well, I had to leave my doctor that I love because I turned 18. He was not a adult doctor.  My parents had to find me another, and they did. But the doctor i seen for a short period time died of a heart attack. Than we ended up with the doctor I have now, and he dianoised me with thyroide issues. He even said this is whats giving me the symptoms.

4 years have gone by and nothing has changed. I found out I was not converting to T3, and my thyroide has gotten a lot worse. My thyroide is 4 times larger and it is gaining a lot of water. My parents see I am not getting better, and my doctor is dragging his feet. We are going to see another doctor for a diffferent opinion.

My parents are thinking that I could have thyroide issue that the doctor is passing up that is causing cushings like symptoms, or this could be cushings in itself. We are still testing and fighting to get answers.

We are excited about getting a second opinion, and my PCP was delighted to give me a referral to see a doctor outside my county. Not to mention, my PCP is getting concerned.


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