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My partial bio…Hi everyone.  Dr. Ludlam in Seattle, WA is 99.999% certain I have Cushing’s Disease, probably Cyclic but I believe I used to be all the time.  I do have a tumor on my pituitary but before Dr. L can say 100% Cushing’s Disease, he needs one more test (?) before he sends me to the surgeon.  He’s concerned there may be another tumor elsewhere and needs to make certain.  Something my family does not accept.  They view all this “testing” as a money making scam.  But with my thought process being so poorly, I can’t explain myself.

One daughter went with me last visit with Dr. L and understands the severity of this but noone wants to believe her either.  Last time I saw my Dr. was 3 years ago.  Why?  My husband has always been the sole breadwinner, I was a full time mother of 4, working some here and there and even finished college.  Yea me.  BUT, for years now, I’ve not been able to think well, have difficulty getting around, have more bad days than good.  My life is just about exisitng.

But my husband has terminal Cancer, a Heart condition but working again these days but don’t how long that’ll be.  When he couldn’t work, we lived off and spent all our savings, sold belongings, etc and during all this, we lost our Medical Ins AND our Life Ins.  The Lifs Ins has been heart breaking!  All we’ve put into it for over 30 years.  Such a loss!!!

So, life for us has been really bad for years in soooo many ways.  Can we say stress?  No one can imagine all we’ve been through.  It’s honestly been more than all Soap Operas together.  So much, that I’ve cut myself off from all friends, due to not having anything positive to share.  How sad?!?  I’ve always been a huge social person, on the  go and having something constantly going on with tons of people around.  NOT anymore.  I call noone!  Ok, my Mama.  So, the Ins loss and money issues has been my reasoning for not seeing my Dr.

But my goal this year is to so what I can to take care of me!  I finally got Med Ins but it’s not great, but better than nothing.  I’ll be having a heart cath (I think it’s) next week, so problems have just gotten worse than better.  As you know, with this disease, it’s always something.  grrr  Anyway, I’ll come back here (when I remember) and rewrite or simplify.  There is way too much to share at this moment.

Mary O, thank you so much for taking the time to love other’s enough to have this site!  My biggest issue right now is to find the very Drs in the US.  It may be Dr. Ludlam but with my husband’s thoughts, I need to hear from others about him and other’s.  Love life and live it the best you can, even if it’s sitting in a chair.

Syndi of Alabama

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