A Golden Oldie

The doctor is suspecting that I have cushings. Going through all the testing now.

Cortisol levels still high at one time they were 120. My endo is referring me to a specialist at Vanderbilt, TN.

Update November 6, 2011:

Hello my name is Kery! I am 32 years old. I live in Kentucky. I have been married for 6 years to a wonderful man named Preston. We have two beautiful daughters, Kamryn 8 and Kylee 6. We have a little 2 pound yorkie named Tucker and a mini donkey named Henry.

I had an MRI 1 1/2 ago and about 4 months ago both times it showed that my pituitary was enlarged. The neuro said no brain tumor no need to operate go see an endo and walked out of the room. So I did.  He ordered tons of labs. I have had three test come back high for cortisol.  My endo is suspecting cushing.

I go back to see him on November 14 and I have an appt in Vanderbilt TN with the pituitary director Dec 20. Really wished that I could get in sooner, I am so tired of feeling bad everyday.


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