Another Golden Oldie

Doctor says I do have Cushings, but just still looking for the originating site.  Cortisol level twice the upper limit of normal.

Had symptoms for YEARS, but no one pulled it all together until this summer I had TWO Spontaneous foot fractures.  Had houseguests at the time, both German doctors.  The husband handed me a list of tests before he returned to Germany and said “I think you have Cushings, have your doctor run these tests”.

Saliva test positive, 24 hr urine positive, MRI showed small tumor.  Endocrinologist says that the jury is still out – 20% of population has pituitary tumor with no problems.  Had the dex test last week.  Sounds like everyone has the same feelings as I do – please find something and let me put my life back together.  My body is disintegrating!

For those of you who have been through this and had surgery, how do they regulate your hormones after the surgery.  Were you able to back to work right away?  How quickly did you lose the extra weight.  (I have gained 40 lbs in the last year).  Please help!