In seeing an endocrinologist about normalizing my thyroid levels (Hashimoto’s), he became suspicious of Cushing’s.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2006 with a suspected onset of 13-14. We’ve done one blood test that came back further pointing to Cushing’s along with the signs & symptoms (i.e. buffalo hump, moon face, sweating, ruddy complexion, etc…). I will be seeing another endocrinologist in the near future (current one is closing his practice & moving to the Middle East) to confirm a diagnosis of Cushing’s.

If I do have Cushing’s it has to be endogenous, as I do not take any steroid mediations that are known to cause exogenous Cushing’s. I take Nasonex periodically, but not any more than I absolutely have to & I’m told that is too small a dose to be a problem.

Wish me luck in getting answers.