Hii my name is Sabrena and i am only 16 years old,

i realised i had all the symptoms of Cushings disease about a week ago. I started seeing the fact that i am constantly gaining weight, i went to see my doctor and i told her about it i told her i had all the symptoms of CD and i am constantly gaining weight each day i have stretch marks on my abodmen, my arms and back too, my periods dont come for about 3month sometimes more/ or less.

My doctor said she doesnt think i have CD because my face is Oval not Moon,

is this TRUE can someone not have cushing’s disease just because their face is Oval,

someone Help please as i have had these symptoms for a long time, and my doctor is putting aside the fact that it might be CD because i dont have a moon face she thinks it might be PCOS instead.

The problem is that PCOS doesnt cause weight gain and i am a person with a very small appetite and i am constantly gaining weight plus i already have the buffalo hump too.

My doctor still send me for a blood test but i am not sure whether that is enough to prove that i have Cushing’s disease.