I was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease January 2011. The doctors suspect I was suffering from it for at least 2 years prior to diagnosis.

I originaly thought I was just losing weight and having skin problems due to stress and getting older – even though I was still in my mid-late twenties.

A family friend and nurse told my mom one day that she thought I had Cushings and encouraged my mom to get me to look into it. Thank goodness I did. I had honestly nearly given up because I was so ashamed to go to doctors who just told me I needed to work out more and eat less. I was making an effort to lose weight but nothing worked! I told my mom no at first but after a few phone calls of her crying and begging me to go I finally agreed. I sat down at my computer and googled symptoms and sure enough I fit almost every descriptor on the Cushings list.

It took a few months to get into a specialist but my family doctor rushed it. I was so lucky to have this doctor. She was actually just covering for my regular doctor but she was the first one to take me seriously and really investigate my concerns.

Now, two years and three pituitary surgeries later things are looking good! I am back to work and feeling better than I can remember feeling in a long time. I have kept a blog sporadically documenting my experiences with Cushings that I invite you to read for more details on my bio. I hope that my story can be an inspiration to those who are feeling hopeless. I often felt that way but tried to stay positive and believe that one day I would be cured and fingers crossed, it seems like I am 🙂

It is possible to come out on top!! Best of luck to everyone 🙂